Saturday, March 19, 2005


So my tour of the world is underway and to a brilliant start! Singapore is an amazing place and we have loved our stay here, these few days have gone too quickly and could do with a couple more days but Vietnam awaits.

Our plane journey was ok, i managed to get through 3 films (The Incredibles, Without a Paddle and SpongeBob Squarepants) and a couple of tv shows, only got an hours sleep but didnt feel too jet lagged. Also had some superb meals and many free drinks. When we arrived we disembarked quite quickly and were out of the plane and onto the MRT (the train) in no time at all on our way to Youssefs work (family friend) to pick up the keys to his flat. The heat was amazing when we got out into the open and we trekked for a short while to find Youssefs office, was cool to see him again and he ordered us a taxi to take us to his flat. He has a very nice appartment and the condo its in has a great swimming pool, which we have been using alot. after some time relaxing we eventually got in contact with another family friend (Topi) who took us out for a meal, the views of singapore at night were amazing and although a few awkward moments the meal was very nice. Jackie, Ed and I then proceeded to head into town where we found a nice bar called harrys and had a couple of drinks, alcohol is very expensive though only downside.
I managed to get a reasonable amount of sleep even thought the night was extremely hot, we only discovered in the morning that there was air con in our room. The three of us headed to Orchard road, the main shopping road, and did well.... shopping. I got myself a digital camera, sony cybershot for 200 pounds, a t shirt and an i-trip mini. So succesful shopping but a lot of money spent. The evening was an excelent one at that, St Patricks day just had to be celebrated, went for a meal first with Youssef at his locall eating place, then took a taxi with Youssef for a drink, but he unfortunately could only stay for one because he had to be up early to go to Tokyo, shame because hes a really cool guy! We had quite a few drinks and enjoyed a very good live band! Got back home at about 2 but i feel into a deep sleep as soon as i hit my bed.
Yesterday we decided to visit Sentosa and go to the beach which was a bit of an adventure in itself, we got the cable car from the top of mount Faber to the island which was cool, we then took the jungle trail to the beach was nice but we all crapped ourselves when we came across a spider as big as my face with a large yellow abdomen, would have been ok but my head was about 5 inches away from it without realising, quite funny and we took a couple of pics. The beach was great, boiling hot with quite nice sand and water, we stayed for a few hours messing about in the water, then trekked to get a taxi home. We went to the night safari in the evening which was cool to see but we were all pretty knakered.
Today we went to China town and had a look around and something to eat, its a really nice place. We have mostly been realxing today, been swimming and chilled out. We have used the pool alot, its so great to have a flat for ourselves.
So a great start, really cool place! Vietnam next for another great adventure!
Cya all soon!


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