Saturday, April 02, 2005

Oz: Part 1

So this week has gone flying by, last update finished in Brisbane so will carry on from there! Our hostel in Brisbane, "The Palace", was really cool with nice showers and a lively "Down Under" bar. We shared our room with a girl who is such the Londoner, helping that she was actually from London, really annoying she couldn’t stop talking, and there was her going on about her friend who was annoying because he wouldn’t let you speak "ya know what i mean" yes we really do!! But didn’t really do too much in Brisbane just walked around the centre and visited the park and man made beach, which were both quite nice! On Tuesday we got talking to a friendly travel guide within the hostel who gave us the advice not to buy a car and that we should do all these cool trips! So we took his advice and booked a tour around most of the north coast attractions of Australia and booked a flight up to Cairns, which is where i am writing this entry now! Although costing us quite a lot of money we did get some good deals and have lots of stuff to do in Australia all pre booked! Wednesday we got our flight up to Cairns (spent the beginning of the day chilling about our hostel and just walking about) , which took about 2 hours, arriving late to our Hostel, "Cairns International" at about 10 30pm so just checked in dumped our bags and got something to eat, Ice Cream! On Thursday we woke quite early and decided to go have a swim at the pool right opposite our hostel. Its a really nice pool quite large, outside with lots of grass around it to sunbathe on which we did for a little too long as me n Jackie got quite sunburnt, I had an extremely red face! But it was soo nice to go swimming again after not being able to in Vietnam! That night we spent at the lounge area in our hostel which is really nice, big plasma TV with pool table and open balcony!! Friday we began our pre booked tours and got up very early, 6 30, to get picked up by a tour bus to take us to the Rainforest, Daintree river to go croc watching, Tribulation beach, and Mossman Gorge to walk through forest and go swim in the river! The tour guide was really cool, friendly and funny and he sprayed quite a few people with a super soaker while in the bus! In the rainforest zoo we saw lots of tropical birds and fed Kangaroos, while singing "tiny kangaroo down sport"! haha! also saw Koalas which are boring, they just sit there and do nothing, dammit! Then headed to Daintree river and got on a small boat to take us along the edge to look for crocs while learning some facts, saw a few small ones and the big daddy who was about 5 meters long! that was cool! Then to Tribulation beach which was basically just a nice beach where Cook had landed! Then our last activity Mossman Gorge which was really fun, walked for about 5 mins and saw a huge spider like the one in Singapore then went swimming in the river which was really nice especially for sunburn cos its was sooo cold! Got back at about 7 and chilled for the evening! Saturday and we got up early again to go get a tour boat out to the great Barrier Reef! The journey out was a mission, loads of people were being sea sick, which was nice, I managed to ride it out at the back chilling with the wind and spray! The seas were so rough that one of the crew cracked his head open when climbing a ladder so we had to go drop him off to be taken to hospital! When we arrived at the reef the seas were far calmer but not really the best snorkelling weather! Everyone got geared up with snorkels and fins and the most fashionable stinger suits, to protect us from the jelly fish, and we went out over the coral looking at lots of cool fish saw a turtle and a reef shark briefly which was nice! Had some lunch then got kitted up in our scuba gear and dove down to 10 meters, my right ear was being annoying and didn’t pop for ages which was quite painful! Saw Nemo (a clown fish) down there and it was just quite weird being so deep for so long, very fun though! The boat trip home was far nicer because the it was a lot calmer, sunnier and quicker! That night we met up with some guys and went out to a few bars, one of which had Coyotte Ugly going on (dancing on the bar) which was quite funny to watch, especially with crowd participation!
Sunday we went to Maccy Ds for breakfast and stocked up on munch for our 9 hour coach journey (not as bad as the one we're getting today, 13 hours!!) down to here Airly beach! Arriving at 11 30pm we managed to get a room at "Koalas" which was quite a nice hostel where we immediately were taken out by our neighbours to go to a few clubs, though didn’t stay out too late as were completely knackered!
And so my second week began but that my friends is another story which shall hopefully be told very soon! (Probably write it now because its already the end of week 2 ooops haha!)
Cya all soon!


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