Friday, April 08, 2005

Oz : Part 2

So even though i have only just posted my last update (wasnt my fault, the internet wasnt allowing me to publish it! wrote most of it last week!) I will now enlighten you on my, Jackies and Eds second week in Australia!
Monday we woke up at a reasonable time and got ready to spend the day on the beach and organise our trip for this week! We had already booked our sailing trip around the Whitsunday Isles down in Brisbane and so just needed to check in at the office for our ship, gave them a ring but decided to go to the beach first. Well it didnt turn out to be a beach, no-one swims in the water round these parts, but it was a very nice big outdoor swimming pool and it being a lovely day again we went for a dip and sunbathed for a few hours (lotioned up to the max as didnt want a repeat of Cairns) ! Got some pies from the local pie shop which were really really tasty and over the next few days we munched there alot. Went back to our room at first to get our tickets so we could check in for sailing but then decided to have a wee nap for a few hours, woke up at 6 and quickly legged it down to the office and checked in on the "Derwent Hunter" the last hand built sailing ship in Australia so had more character about it than the other 70 tours ships out there! That night we just went to a bar called Morroccos and had a couple of drinks and played a few games of pool then went home cos we had to be up and at the marina for 8am. So thats what we did woke up early and got there for 8 only to wait around for 30mins when a pirate (well a man with an eye patch, he honestly did look quite piratish) came along to take our boarding passes and when all the passengers were ready we went down the jetty and unloaded ourselves of our footwear as they said that we would only need our bare feet! The ship is a real classic, all decked with real wood and it just had a nice feel about it (will try and get a pic of it on here for you). Whence we had all been allocated our quaters, there were 19 passengers in total, which were mostly three sharing which suited us, we even had our own shower and toilet (well shared with one other room, but this was better than the others) we got began our sailing. The sails went up which looked quite spectacular and we began cruising to Hammond Island, where the Beckhams apparently had their honeymoon, and got kitted up with stinger suits and snorkels and flippers. we all went out and saw some amazing fish, one was absolutely huge, and had them swarming round us when a crew member "Rick" threw in some fish food around us! I would say better snorkling round there than the great barrier reef, tho better weather. Had some lovely lunch prepared by Bianca the cook and got chatting with other passengers, quite a mix of people had a family a few couples and a few youngens like us, had french, german and english people and we all got on quite well! Cruised over to another isle to lay anchor for the night, put up the tarpauline as the day was turning sour, had some tasty nibbles and then supper which was great again and then everyone had a few drinks and carried on chatting! Tried to sleep on deck but 1 the wind was blowing too hard and began raining and 2 Matt, a fellow passenger, began snoring very very loudly so went down into our bunks.
Woke on wednesday to some typical lovely english weather which was a bit of a downer because it would have been great to wake up to a nice aussie sunrise! Had some cereal and toast for brekkie when it had stopped raining and started cruising, the captain wasnt sure where we were going as we were supposed to go to Whitehaven beach which is creme de la creme apparently but would have been rubbish in rain. So he decided to take us to small island where we went ashore a went on a bit of a jungle trek searching for a waterfall that didnt exist but it was fun anyway and we saw some massive spiders and had a group photo. Trekked back to the beach to get picked up by the dinghy,when all on board we had some tasty lunch again and began cruising to a small sandy island where we did a bit of snorkeling, not as good as the day before but still fun then cruised to a bay just across the way where we we anchored and set up for the night. Followed the same routine as the last night, chatted had a few drinks and had some great supper, stayed up till midnight with a few people having a laugh and celebrated my birthday then quickly went to sleep again trying to sleep on deck but the same as the night before happened, lots of rain and wind. Woke up not really feeling like it was my B day as we were on a ship somewhere out to sea in australia but it was really cool cos the sun came out and everyone said happy birthday etc. So we set cruising to a small island and did a bit more snorkeling, didnt really see much apart from coral and a jellyfish so got back on board the ship and had some lunch then set sail with the sails up back to airly beach! Had a great journey back as the sun was out and there were some big waves which were fun, so sunbathed and rode the waves! Was sad to say goodbye to our lovely sailing ship and the cool crew and fellow passengers, would have loved to been out for a week or so. Walked back into town with a fellow backpaker from the ship and got a night in a hostel called Magnums which was nicer than Koalas and found out we got the same room as our friend from the ship. The room was really nice, ensuit bathroom which was luxury we havnt had for ages, went out to the bar to celebrate my B day where i got some drinks bought for me, some passengers came and "mick" another crew member who told us lots of bad aussie jokes, though they all left quite early so we went out to a few clubs, getting back quite late and waking early the next morning feeling tired and headachey! We spent most of the day playing pool in magnums bar area then at 8pm we got a 13 hour coach journey, we slept for basically all of the trip, down to here Hervey Bay where we got a shuttle to a Koalas hostel here which is nicer than the one in Airly. Been chilling and Ed and I hired out a small Catameran for an hour, while jackie had a nap, which was really cool and really cheap so all good really! But yeah going out to Fraiser Island tomorrow for a few days driving about in a 4x4 so should be excelent! next update next week, i hope!
Cya all soon


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